Education & Rearing

Considered the priority issues of any nation.  Parents and educators are always searching and researching for the best methodologies to raise and educate infants, children, and the youth.  These courses are designed to develop the awareness and skills in both rearing and education through applicable activities and methods. 


1- Parenting in the Montessori World

  • To provide parents with the knowledge, skills and practical experience needed to apply Montessori’s ideas and teaching methods when caring for their children at home since birth.The course will help mothers in recognizing children’s psychological, emotional, social, physical and cognitive needs in every stage of their lives.


2- School Administrators Preparation

  • This course helps develop administrators (Principals, Coordinators & Head of Departments) understanding and awareness of the different educational programs approved by the Ministry of Education such as the national stream and the international educational programs (The American program SAT, The British program (IGCSE) and the IB.  
Parenting in the Montessori World outline
School Administrators Preparation outline
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